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Essential Oils for Hair Loss and Alopecia

Under normal circumstances, human hair goes through a long cycle of growth (the anagen phase), which can last up to 3 years, a static period of 3-4 months (the catagen phase), and then shedding (the telogen phase). When we are living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, this process largely goes …

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This Baking Soda Shampoo Saved My Hair

Baking soda is an incredibly easy way to clean your hair! It sounds shocking but you’ll see the results the moment you decide to try it! Regular shampoos can contain a lot of harmful ingredients. Some of the worst chemical-offenders are: Sodium Lauryl Laureth Sulfate DEA/Diethanolamine Parabens Fragrance The word …

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Remove the dark circles in only 15 minutes!

Dark circles under the eyes is a common problem for many people. This condition happens as a result of tiredness, not enough sleep, or some other medical conditions. There are many creams on the market that can remove the dark circles but not all of them are effective enough and …

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Seven Helpful Hair Care Tips

In order to have healthy hair, it is important that you do all that you can to take care of it. This is not something that takes a lot of time or effort, so you should not look at it as a task. There are a few simple things you …

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Emergency Treatments for Split Ends

If you want your hair to look flawless, you should pay special attention to hair tips, because they are the first to degrade and this can lead to hair breakage. Here are some tips to help you fix the split ends, but also to prevent their occurrence: Egg and avocado …

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Hair Fall Mask – Castor oil and Rosemary Oil: f hair thinning and hair fall is your main concern then this castor oil+ rosemary oil mask is definitely for you. Both the oils are really beneficial for hair growth and with regular use you’ll get rid of many hair related problems like …

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