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How To Remove Black Spots On Skin?

Do you suffer from dark spots? We all hate dark spots on our face and want to get rid of them. What causes black spots on skin? Prolonged exposure to sun, acne, melasma are some of the common causes for dark spots on the face. Age spots are caused by …

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How Sugar, Gluten, Milk and Wine Harm Your Face

Your skin is a reflection of your health. Unhealthy foods and food intolerance can cause serious skin problems, especially on your face. Nigma Talib is a doctor who explains how certain foods and beverages you consume can harm your face. She especially focuses on sugar, gluten, milk and wine and …

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How To Remove Wrinkles On Face Naturally?

Wrinkles are pale lines one the face which are one of the basic indications of aging. They happen naturally as we age. The collagen present in the connective tissue breaks down, wrinkles happen. Wrinkles are not only a beauty issue of mature people. Many young women also experience wrinkles which …

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9 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Too High

Have you ever felt like something was off with your body, but you weren’t sure what was causing it? When something isn’t quite right with our bodies, we often experience symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s way of letting us know that there’s an underlying problem. On the surface, blurred vision, …

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Why shave when you can make your own sugar wax right at home? Today we’ll show you how to make sugar wax at home in just a few easy steps! Long gone are the days of shaving (or at least they should be)! Shaving causes ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and …

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