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Here Are 8 Solutions To Get Rid Of Scars!!!

Scarring is a natural process, which helps to repair your skin after cuts, burns, acne and other wound-causing conditions.

When your outer layer becomes damaged, your body begins to generate a protein, called collagen, in order to repair the affected area.

In fact, there are different types of scars. Kind of injury, location, and your skin type determine, whether you’ll have a keloid, hypertrophic, atrophic or contracture scar.

Keloids are raised and dark scars, which have the ability to grow even when the wound is already healed. Hypertrophic scars may look like keloids but don’t spread beyond the damaged area. These reddish and raised formations may be unbearably itchy and painful in some cases.

Atrophic scars appear when collagen is damaged. This results in holes or dents in the skin.

Contracture scars develop after the burns, making your skin stiff and painful.

While for some of us scars are only individual features, many people feel embarrassed because of these seamy things on their bodies.

The good news is that nowadays we have the wide variety of methods to get rid of scars effectively. And it’s not only about surgical intervention, laser treatment, and steroid injections.


1. Silicone gel and sheets 

  • Several studies show that applying silicone gels and the sheet is a really safe and efficient option for those, who want to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars.

2. Onion extract 

  • onion is a cheap and effective method to reduce pigmentation, speed up healing and soften scar texture.
  • Specialists say that most people notice improvement within four to eight weeks of regular use.

3. Honey 

  • it’s not only a good sweetener but also a perfect anti-inflammatory substance, which can help you get rid of unsightly scars if applied two to three times every day.

4. Retinol cream 

  • vitamin A-contained creams have been clinically proven to decrease keloid growth and intensity.

5. Aloe vera 

This plant was found to help numerous skin issues.

It can soothe injured skin and boost regeneration.

To get the benefits, apply gel-like substance from the aloe vera leaf directly onto the scar and leave it as long as possible.

Do this procedure two or three times a day.

6. Aspirin 

You’ve probably consumed aspirin to relieve pain.

But did you know that this nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine can also prevent keloid propagation?

The only thing, you need to do, is to crush three aspirin pills, mix them with water to create a taste, and then apply on the scar for one or two hours.

Rinse it off and repeat this procedure on the next day.

7. Coconut oil or shea butter 

Both of these remedies can effectively moisturize your skin, block keloid formation and enhance repairing processes.

8. Garlic 

It works similarly to aspirin, disrupting the action of certain enzymes that play a role in growing and coloring scar.

Crush garlic cloves put them to the affected area and hold for 15 minutes.

If this mixture burns your skin, stop the applications or cut exposure time.

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