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Mood tracker for daily emotions in my Bullet Journal!

Great to look back on and see that between the small rough patches are amazing days all bunched together

Bullet journals are amazing for tracking tasks, thoughts, activities, and life events, so they lend themselves really well to recording info about your physical and mental health.

“When your life and emotions feel so out of control or chaotic, there is something immensely therapeutic about organizing it into a systematic structure like a bullet journal,” she says. “You lay things out in an aesthetically pleasing way and already it feels more manageable. Like you can really tackle it and make it through. It feels luxurious, too. It’s like saying, ‘I’m worth it. I’m worth this notebook and the time it takes to turn it into something beautiful.’”




Wish you all the best and happiness in life!

Happy Pining!

Source : www.buzzfeed.com

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