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Spray This Simple 3-Ingredient Oil On Your Feet 10 Minutes Before Bed And Watch What Happens

Getting proper rest overnight is very important for your overall health. Sleeping relaxes your brain and prepares your body for the activities that await it while reducing the stress from the previous day. 8 hours of sleep is enough to properly rest.However, the numbers of people suffering from sleep deprivation and insomnia are rising every day. The inability to rest properly overnight can make you anxious and leave you unable to perform your daily activities, so you must solve the problem as soon as possible. Luckily for you, we have an amazing detox foot spray which will resolve your sleeping troubles.

How does it work?

The pores on your feet are the largest and most numerous compared to the other parts of the body, which makes them an ideal area for absorption of nutrients. The feet are also connected to various organs, so if you stimulate certain points on them you will be able to resolve numerous health problems, including insomnia.

Here’s how to make the spray:


10 drops of lavender essential oil

10 drops of chamomile essential oil

4 ounces of magnesium essential oil


Put the essential oils in a spray bottle, then shake it well and it’s ready! Spray some on your feet 10 minutes before going to bed, and you will be able to fall asleep fast.

Health benefits of the ingredients

Chamomile essential oil

This essential oil has amazing calming properties which will relax your mind and help you sleep better.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender is a great soothing herb which will relieve your sleeping troubles. You can put a few drops of the oil on your pillowcase before going to bed to the same effect.

Note: lavender essential oil shouldn’t be applied on children as it is very potent.

Magnesium essential oil

Magnesium essential oil is not exactly an oil, but is called that due to its oily appearance. You can use it both externally and internally. It can relieve digestive problems, depression and anxiety, while also helping you to sleep better. Applying magnesium essential oil on your body will also help you if you’re suffering from magnesium deficiency.

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