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If we talk about losing weight and reducing size, this can be one of the most difficult goals you have had. However, we are already halfway through the year and maybe you have not yet been able to achieve your goal. We have good news for you. green apple

Now, then, we will be talking about a delicious apple shake, which will help you lose weight and at the same time reduce size quickly. This alkalizes your body, undoing all the toxins and cholesterol, is also responsible for reventing heart attacks and provides protection against vascular brain injuries

To summarize in general, any fruit is very good to help us lose weight, even the banana. It is true that this is sweet, but has powerful diuretic properties. For this reason, it is very good to help us lose weight, like other fruits, such as the green apple.

The apple see is abundant in nutrients and minerals. Thanks to its nutritional composition, it helps us contribute to weight loss quickly and effectively. Some of its properties that help us lose weight are the following:


The green apple is abundant in dietary fiber in the form of pectin. Thanks to its consumption we can regulate peristalsis or intestinal mortality and we can control the appetite, due to its satiating effects. On the other hand, this fruit is abundant in group B vitamins. They are essential to properly metabolize nutrients and carbohydrates. Also, the B vitamins prevent carbohydrates from being transformed into fat, later.

Besides, the green apple has a very low sodium content. This makes it perfect to combat fluid retention that almost always accompanies overweight. But this does not stop there, it is low in calories, since it only has 80 calories per unit.

The apple see also is responsible for delaying the absorption of sugar in the intestine. At the same time, this prevents the abrupt release of insulin, which directly affects body fat. Thanks to this and other benefits, the green apple is advised to control our weight. Then we will explain how to make this delicious shake that will make you lose weight.

What we will need:

  • Oats (125 grams).
  • Mineral water (½ liter).
  • Organic lemon (1 unit).
  • Green apple (2 units).

Preparation and use

The first thing is that we should take the green apple, wash it and chop it into small pieces. And now, we will throw both the apple and the water in a blender. Also, add the oats and liquefy everything very well until you get a homogeneous substance. With that, we will have a soft and powerful drink to lose weight naturally.

Then, we will proceed to empty the substance in a sufficiently large bowl. The next thing is, add the lemon juice and we will mix everything very well again. We must consume this mixture immediately after having elaborated it. This should be right before going to bed, through 7 days in a row. If you like, you can also add a little ice to the batter to make it more refreshing.

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